Nikai Asian Grill & Sushi Bar

225 North Cache, P.O. Box 14250, Wyoming, United States, 83001 | Directions
307-734-6490 Phone
by Unknown 20.03.12
The best sushi around! This is the best place to get sushi and enjoy a bit of wine. They have a big wine list that will give you a hard time to choose from. The food was fantastic and the service was great, made me fill like i was the only on there.
Cuisine Type:
  • Bar & Pub
  • Seafood
  • Grill
  • Sushi
  • Fresh Seafood Is Artfully Transformed Into The Ultimate Sushi Experience
  • Eclectic Wine & Sake Lists
  • Full Bar Specializing In Tropical Cocktails
  • Reservations Requested