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Victor considers bumping officials’ salaries

At its Wednesday meeting, the Victor City Council weighed the salaries of the mayor, council, and planning commissioners, and wondered whether more people could be enticed to run for local office if those salaries were higher.

18th, April 2019, 09:45pm

To all school board members

This letter was sent to the Teton School Board of Trustees and the Teton Valley News.

18th, April 2019, 09:00pm

RUES focus on WE

Rendezvous Upper Elementary School is setting an example and not only is the Teton Valley community sitting up and taking notice, but so is the rest of the world.

18th, April 2019, 09:00pm

Huntsman Springs master plan moves forward

The audience filled the council chambers and spilled out into the foyer of city hall for last Wednesday’s Driggs Planning and Zoning public hearing on amendments to the Huntsman Springs master plan.

18th, April 2019, 08:45pm

CFTV awards $51,000 in grants

This year at its annual spring competitive grant cycle award party, the Community Foundation of Teton Valley gave out over $50,000 to local nonprofits and the school district.

18th, April 2019, 08:45pm
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